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India 2012


The good example of what you can do to really help others.

I Thought to form an NGO in Portugal to help children, but the distance and the bureaucracy surrounding this work made me think of another possibility - and if I help a NGO that is already developing this help and that which is credible?! - I started my search on the Internet by NGOs and discovered the El Shaddai Charitable Trust in Goa. Planned to go to Goa with my boyfriend, Duarte, and decided to contact them and give them to know my purpose, proposing to visit orphanages and meet the founders during my stay.

In August 2012, in Goa, I met all the houses, all day centers, and visit at least one of the slums in which the institution operates.


I realized that this was indeed the way. I realized that God did reach me the right way, the right work that I idealized. I realized that I would need to go further.


They had an early life less happy but can have a fantastic opportunity now.

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