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Cambodia 2015


One of the most remarkable and rewarding experiences of my life...

Decided in January 2015 to go in March, I risked a lot but I got in a certain way and with faith that everything could just run WELL.

I wanted to understand and help the people of Cambodia, and so I did. I learned a lot, learned every minute, because he knew that day would be few to so much I want to be there and help them.


I went with no expectations, yes, that's right. Only took an open heart, willingness to help, my best smile and a suitcase filled with 32kg of donations and hope.


After returning I felt great frustration that my hard work nothing really changes people's lives. So I decided to create the group named Teach how to fish, to create, as a community, a network for sharing ideas, needs and information between the cambodian people and those wishing to help.


Now only dream about my return...

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