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My mission

I'm 35, I'm Portuguese and I am licensed in Advertising and Marketing.

In 2006 I did a volunteer project in India, in an orphanage in Bangalore and I was madly in love with that country of good people, strong colors and intense smells. Madly in love and simultaneously engaged by social differences and opportunities for its people, especially to children.


I Thought to form an NGO in Portugal to help children, but the distance and the bureaucracy surrounding this work made me think of another possibility - and if I help a NGO that is already developing this help and that which is credible?! - I started my search on the Internet by NGOs and discovered the El Shaddai Charitable Trust in Goa. Planned to go to Goa with my boyfriend, Duarte, and decided to contact them and give them to know my purpose, proposing to visit orphanages and meet the founders during my stay. In August 2012, in Goa, I met all the houses, all day centers, and visit at least one of the slums in which the institution operates.


I realized that this was indeed the way. I realized that God did reach me the right way, the right work that I idealized. I realized that I would need to go further...


Last March I traveled to Cambodia for 10 days, as a volunteer, free from any associations, foundations or organizations.

I assumed all expenses, from the 6 flights from Lisbon to Siem Reap and the return, stay, meals, half of all journeys and even the vacation days I asked specifically for that purpose in my workplace.


Now that returned I just want to go back, raise the necessary means to return again and be able to help all those children and adults to have a better life, to achieve some dreams and above all to have access to some basics, as the right to education, health, hygiene and LOVE.


Your contribution will always be of paramount importance, because every euro, every US dollar counts, so that I can make this dream come true, and I think is shared by every child I came across. Thank you for believing in me and helping me to ensure that I can again serve that wonderful people with open arms and open heart, as soon as possible.

I strive daily to garner more and more help, every smile is important. Each child counts!


I want to HELP! And What about you?

Let's change the world! My facebook page here



teach how to fish project, volunteer and help to empower poor children and their families
teach how to fish project, volunteer and help to empower poor children and their families

“Live simply so others may simply live.”

teach how to fish project, volunteer and help to empower poor children and their families

Susana Garrett Pinto - entreview resume in the website EXECUTIVA.PT


Since I remember I always have had been sensitive with poverty and poor people. My first time as volunteer was in India in 2006 with children, and I was 27 years old.

Last March and in only 10 days, which was enough to live and see many things, I have been in Siem Reap - Cambodia as volunteer. After all, painting and singing with kids given much more to me than I want, and back in my life at Portugal the equation was wrong. I need to give them, and not the opposite! So, I decided to focus and create this project and my inspiration was baby So, Kindergarten children and Tuek Vill Commune families.


* ( to read the full portuguese version please click HERE, to read the english version please click HERE )


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